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TWeetM8 Gauge
Sharing Tide and Weather Data ...
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A service to provide live Tide and Weather information to marine navigation users via Web or SMS using Twitter as the service provider.

The measurements are based around the Ohmex PortM8 instrument, parameters include Tide Height, Water Temperature, Wind Speed/Direction, air temperature and barometric pressure. Calculated and derived parameters include Significant Wave Height and Wave frequency.
Established in April 2000 Ohmex is primarily a manufacturer of equipment involved in Environmental Science applications such as Environmental Data collection, Land and Hydrographic surveying systems . Product names manufactured and distributed under license from Lymtech LLC include EDAS, HydroLite, SonarLite, TidaLite, SonarM8, TideM8, TideMet and SonarMite.
TweetM8 - Tide and Weather system